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      animes and mangas here..
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      Share Anime Soundtrack!
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    • Frejya's Snow Castle
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      "ハロー!以後お見知りおきを!フレヤと申しまあ〜す〜我が雪のお城へようこそ!!!" "Hallo! It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Frejyaaa~ Welcome to my snow castle!!!" --- Welcome, welcome! I'm quite new here but I thought of...
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      We are the Crystal Gems! We're here to protect the Earth!
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      You are an AniGuitarist? Or you just want to listen to anime songs but by guitar? Join us! You could ask for guitar TABS, covers, or just ask anything. Enjoy! Như cái tên thôi....
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      This group is a place to discuss Anime, Manga, Light Novel and Visual Novel. You don't know what anime to watch, do you? You want to find anime you like, don't you? Or you just want to discuss,...
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      Chia sẻ tranh ảnh, hướng dẫn vẽ phong cách manga, anime, chibi
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      Music room: Nightcore list: (☞゚∀゚)☞ Group này chuyên về chủ đề về Anime-Japanese-Doujin Music...