Frejya's Snow Castle


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  • "ハロー! 以後お見知りおきを! フレヤと申しまあ〜す〜 我が雪のお城へようこそ!!!"

    "Hallo! It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Frejyaaa~ Welcome to my snow castle!!!"

    Welcome, welcome! I'm quite new here but I thought of putting this group up to help people!
    I offer my help to anyone, as long as it is in my ability, I shall do whatever I can!!
    If you have questions, I shall try to help you! I am not that all-knowledgeable but I can always try, as long as it is about anime/manga/games/or the like!
    Allow this princess to take out her hand for you~ Saa, my people~
    "I’m honored that I was able to be of assistance!"

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  • Loner_Desu
    Frejya-sama Do you have any anime recommendations that are not too popular?